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X-Caster High CapacityComposite Plastic Dual Wheel

Patented technology, uniquely engineered to deliver load capacity not previously available from a molded composite plastic caster.

  • Patented design delivers superior strength and durablility
  • Market proven technology - Over 20 million in use
  • Strongest composite caster on the market - 80 to 150 lb. load capacity per caster
  • Versatile Series - connections for every application and wheels for every floor type
  • Engineered for easy rolling
  • COSTS LESS than traditional single wheel casters

Test Standards

  • Dynamic Test - Caster loaded to 150 lbs, run over 1/8" obstacle for 500 crossings.  Remove obstacle and run 9,500 additional strokes
  • Static load tested at four times the load rating
  • Impact Test - Drop 2" with rated load (150 lbs x 2"  = 300 inch lbs)