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Hand Trucks

Tired of hurting your back when moving heavy furniture or equipment?  Try our handtrucks which move up to 660 lbs.  Our heavy duty hand truck has 10” solid tires which never go flat.  The handle on this handtruck makes it even easier for you to move it around.  If you need to lay down the handtruck to move your item, try our convertible handtruck.  This will lay flat on four solid wheels which allows you to push it easily.  With a load capacity of 550, you can’t go wrong.  Need to move a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, or another appliance?  Our appliance handtruck has a rope that will support your appliance in place so it does not fall off.  The load capacity is 440 lbs and has a toe plate 24 inches wide.  Please visit each item for more information.  Still can’t find what you need?  Contact us through email or call us as (877) 881-6814 during normal business hours.