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Types of Caster Wheels

Leveling Casters, Stem Casters, Medical Casters, Oh My!

You can read details on all of the leveling casters we carry or get all the specifications of stainless steel casters by reading the careful product descriptions we provide. But here is an overview that might help you quickly ascertain the right category of casters you need.

Leveling Casters

Leveling casters are designed to be just that—levelers. If you have a cart or other item that needs to be mobile, but does not sit evenly, these are perfect. They are great for heavy applications and can be easily converted to a stationary position. These are functional casters that are ideal in any number of applications.

Stem Casters

Stem casters are quite maneuverable. You can find swiveling options and braking options in our comprehensive selection. These are ideal for bakery racks, office filing systems, furniture and so much more. This selection is also ideal in a retail environment, where racks are moved on a regular basis.

Medical Casters

The name says it all: medical casters. While you could still shop leveling casters or stem casters for medical equipment and other uses in your facility, these selections have been designed specifically for medical applications. With a variety of IV cart wheels to choose from and features like directional locks, these casters are tailor made for use in medical facilities, hospitals and other places where medical equipment is used and moved.

Stainless Steel Casters

When you need performance from your casters, stainless steel casters are the clear choice. They are used for utility carts, animal cages, food service operations, laboratories, and a host of other industrial applications. They are non-corrosive and durable. Stainless steel casters are made to take a beating; you’ll want to order these in bulk.

Maybe this overview will help you determine the right starting point for your search for the perfect casters. We have the widest selection and the best prices you’ll find. Shop here today or contact us with any questions you may have.