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Maintaining Warehouse Casters and Wheels

When you have warehouse supplies that get regular use with heavy loads and uneven floors, your pneumatic casters and wheels get a lot of wear and tear. Extreme temperatures, chemicals and other factors put stress on the parts you have, but stopping production because of worn out or broken parts isn’t an option.

Order your quality casters, wheels and other replacement parts early, so that you are prepared for repairs at all times. Access Casters Inc. sells a variety of Hamilton casters, no flat casters and dual wheel casters, allowing you to choose the best wheels and housings for your transportation needs.

Common Caster Problems

Pneumatic caster wheels that are functional and well-maintained should be able to move smoothly and swivel without added pressure. Some pneumatic casters are damaged by external factors, such as putting too much weight on them and running into obstacles. Extreme temperatures, humidity and chemicals can also impact the lifespan of pneumatic casters.

Wheels need to always be free of debris, so check to make sure wheels are not caught by strings or thread. If you don’t check, you may find yourself using extreme force to move an object that is stuck. This can cause user injury and damage your equipment. Another problem that can occur is when a build-up of grease hardens and works counterproductively, so that wheels get stuck. Other casters may wear out faster if they are loose or not fastened properly. Long-term use of wheels can also wear down tread or result in tread imperfections.

Check wheels periodically to see if there is evidence of damage. Using no flat wheels is one way to avoid the risk of tires losing air and going flat. These tires cost more up-front but last longer.

Preventing Future Damage

You can help prevent damage and have a quieter ride by making sure equipment isn’t overloaded, equipment isn’t aggressively loaded, and materials are not transported at a high speed. Always check the load capacity of pneumatic casters and wheels before replacing them.

 By taking steps to maintain your warehouse supplies, you will better protect the items you are transporting, increase the longevity of the pneumatic casters and wheels you are currently using and reduce the chance for injuries related to over-exertion.