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Hamilton Cush N Aire Casters

Capacity Range: 330 – 3700 lbs.

Hamilton Cush-N-Aires have become widely recognized as the leading pneumatic-tired casters in the industry. The quality that earned this reputation continues without compromise: all swivels are S.A.E. 1045 drop forged steel with an integrally forged kingpin and precision tapered thrust bearing to ensure easy swiveling and longer life.

These shock absorbing casters are popular for handling missile components, electronic equipment, ceramics, liquids, etc., as well as for use outdoors over rough surfaces. Pneumatic tires offer variable flotation: reduce inflation pressure to improve cushioning for lighter loads, or inflate fully for optimum rollability and capacity loads.

Rigid Cush-N-Aire models, offering overall height and template patterns to match the swivels, are constructed of plate steel legs welded inside and outside to steel mounting plate.

The 7100 Series casters are identical to the 7000 Series Casters with the exception of the product finish. The swivel and rigid rigs (legs, swivel mechanism, mounting plate) of the 7100 Series are zinc plated whereas those same components in the 7000 Series are powder coated with our new HHA red crimson polyester.

Quality Features & Specs

Swivel Construction
Drop forged steel mounting plate and horn base. Legs 1/4" thick on 8" and 10" models; 3/8" on 12", 16", 21" and 25"; and 1/2" on 18" models, welded inside and outside.

Integrally forged with mounting plate, 3/4" diameter on 8" and 10" models; 1" diameter on 12"-18" models; and 1 1/4"dia. on 21" and 25" models.

Main Load Bearing
Large diameter raceway machined for hardened and polished steel balls.

Secondary Load Bearing
Precision tapered roller bearing capped with grease retainer.

Bolt and nut type: 1/2" diameter on 8" and 10" roller bearing models; 3/4" diameter on 10" tapered bearing models and all 12" models; 1" diameter on all 16" and 18" models; 1 1/4" on 21" and 25" models.

8", 10" and 12" sizes are 4-ply rated, 16" is 6-ply, the extra-rugged 18" is 8-ply and the super rugged 21" & 25" are 10-ply.