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5 Things to Think about When Choosing Caster Wheels

If you work in or own a business in an industry that frequently utilizes caster wheels, you know firsthand those little wheels make the world go 'round. The following is a list of things to consider ensuring you choose the right wheel for the job.

Load Weight

The more your load weighs the larger and denser the caster wheels should be. Keep in mind the gross weight of a dolly or truck should be divided by the number of wheels on which the weight will be distributed.

Floor Types

Will your wheels be rolling over concrete, carpet, brick, or steel? The type of floor you'll be using caster wheels on will largely determine the type of wheel you choose, from steel to rubber to nylon. Cast iron wheels work best on concrete while rubber and nylon wheels are much more versatile and able to be used on a variety of floor types.

Unusual Conditions

Depending on the industry, a caster wheel may regularly roll through all manner of things including water, mild chemicals, oil and grease, animal fat, or metal chips. You may also need wheels designed for noise reduction, floor protection or that cushion the load. All these conditions will help determine the wheel that's most effective for your intended use.

Rolling Ease

Wheels with larger diameters made from harder materials roll more easily. While ball bearings roll more easily than roller bearings, roller bearings can carry heavier loads. When choosing a caster wheel, it's important to balance rolling ease with load weight.


Extreme heat and cold can have a big impact on caster wheels, making it crucial to choose wheels that can stand up to those conditions.

When you keep these five things in mind, you'll be sure to choose caster wheels that are right for you.