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Caster Accessories

Manufacturers provide many accessories for specific applications:

Thread Guards

Thread guards prevent thread and material from clogging between the hub of the wheel and the inside of the fork.  They remain stationary while the wheel revolves.

Grease Seals

Grease seals provide protection for swivel ball races and wheel bearings by keeping lubricant in and dirt out.

Swivel Locks

Swivel locks are devices to prevent the rotation of the housing rig.

Wheel Brakes

Wheel breaks lock a caster and wheel by exerting hand or pessure on an operating level, forcing a brake shoe or band against the wheel hub or thread surface.

Swivel Lock/Wheel Brake

Swivel lock/wheel brake eliminates the necessity of separate units for locking the swivel and the wheel.

Floor Lock

Floor lock attaches to the undercarriage of a truck to lock it in position.


Bumpers help protect the walls from the corners of your carts.