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Bearing Options

Non-Corrosive Bearing

This plastic is extremely durable under a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions and is
corrosion resistant.Wheels with this bearing are well suited for applications where brine conditions, 
steam cleaning, or where excessive water or liquids are present.  Light oil or grease lubrication is
always recommended.


Bronze Bearing

The bronze bearing is durable under a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions and is
corrosion resistant.  It is highly recommended for high heat or wet applications.

Annular Ball Bearing

Precision type bearings with machined, hardened raceways.   For applications where maximum
rolling ease and quiet operation are needed.  Best suited for light to medium duty loads.
Bearing is pre-assembled, and the entire unit is mounted in the wheel.


Radial Ball Bearing

Shielded, precision-type bearings. They are used in pairs and press fitted into the wheel hub.



Precision Sealed Ball Bearing

Precision Ball Bearings are recommended for maximum rolling ease with no maintenance
lubrication required.  Quiet operation for medium duty to heavy duty loads.


Roller Bearing

The roller bearing is capable of carrying a greater load than the same size diameter ball bearing.
It has a split outer race shell into which the roller assembly is inserted.

Precision Tapered Roller Bearings

(OPTIONAL-Consult Factory)
The tapered roller bearing is the most effective bearing for heavy loads. It is capable of absorbing excessive friction when a load tips and can be used where high speed operation is essential.  The axle need not be hardened since the bearing has a hardened race.

Torrington-Style Roller Bearings

Torrington-style caged drawn cup bearings have a steel cage which provides inward
retention of the needle rollers.  This design provides maximum cage strength consistent
with long service life (Note: Must be used with hardened spanner bushing or hardened shaft).



Plain & Sleeve Bearing

Metal sleeve is inserted in wheel and rests directly on axle.  Only recommended when
rolling ease is less critical.